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List of fic

Just to gather up in one place the various scattered bits and pieces I have done:

, the first thing I attempted, a multi-chapter fic about Caspian's Nurse.
Birth, set in the 'Resistance' world, and about five months before that story begins.  Done for the NFFR-Party Weekly Challenge.
Coriakin on Invisibility. I was also thinking of this in terms of the 'Resistance' world, though I've yet to link them up.
From: The Complete Narnian Gazeteer, also in the 'Resistance' world; an extract from a guidebook to the farther reaches of the domain.
Changing times, another one in the 'Resistance' world, this time set some ten years after the end of that story.

Another multi-chapter story, set early in the Golden Age. Edmund and Lucy travel, separately, to try to protect Elephants from hunters -  The Ivory Merchants.
Added much later, a missing scene from that, written as an exercise in character exploration, and set the night before Peter leaves for the North
And also, written while the story was still in the planning stages, a poem from Narnia's pre-Golden Age period, which is mentioned and briefly quoted, in the long story, but not quoted in full.

On border patrol, a Christmas card drabble, done for snitchnipped, via NarniaExchange.
Journey to Lagour, a short piece born from wondering about "the Flaming Mountain of Lagour", as mentioned in TLB
Autumn, a very silly piece,done for the NFFR-Party Weekly Challenge.
The Marsh-wiggle and the River-wiggle, another not-too-serious piece, also done for the Weekly Challenge (and in rhyme!).
Beruna merchants, in a time of change, rather more sombre, set at the start of the Winter.
"...which moved the Sun...", another short piece, done for the NFFR-Weekly Challenge, set as the Witch's winter begins to break.

As well as those, I also had the luck to be part of a drabble relay for NFFR-Party, dealing with The Wood Between the Worlds.  The whole thing begins here, with Metonomia's spell-binding beginning. :)

In NFE 2013, I tried my hand at a... well, at something vaguely like a romance, in The Meeting of Three Powers, as a gift for pencildragon.

NFE 2013 was followed by a Madness Round, to which I contributed a this-world WW2 encounter, called Down at the NAAFI, as a gift for Tonzura123, and By Caldron Pool, for the_rck.
There was no Christmas card exchange in 2013,but I posted a double drabble anyway, In the Salt-Mines of Pugrahan, as a gift for whoever came by to read, and a fortnight later posted a poem,closely modelled on Horace's Ode 4-7, supposed as an exchange between Tumnus and another Faun, after Spring had come to Narnia.

In NFE 2014, I wrote an Everybody Lives! Last Battle AU for aurilly: To hold back the night, and
a backstory to the encounter between the Lady of the Green Kirtle and Ramandu's Daughter, imagined as beginning sometime in the very earliest stages of what would become the Telmarine invasion - that was called  '...the marks of that which once hath been.'

In NFE 2015, I wrote How the bet was won, a story which starts fairly light-heartedly but ends more darkly, as a consideration of how story-tellers can be lured, or even seduced by their own delight in creativity, into creating propaganda.

I also wrote a Madness Round story: The Atrementus Collection: Men, Monks and Gamekeepers - a study in popular legend which tried to evoke the worlds of scholarship and publishing in the last decades before the Winter, as seen some centuries on.  (i.e. it's backstory for LWW.)  This gave rise to
The Atrementus Collection: Nymphs and their Ways, and
The Atrementus Collection: Calormene Proverbs: a handbook for travellers
and there'll be more.  :)

Somewhere along the way was Two Views of Mount Pire, which gives an outsider's view of an archenlandish tale.

Doctor Who-related
Driven by fury at how a few women characters were served by the scripts, I wrote a couple of Doctor Who non-canon sports: Give and Take and Out of Time
And another Doctor Who, Curiosity, done as part of the Fandomaid fundraiser for the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan

Three-sentence fics, various
Ten three-sentence fics in early 2013:  here and here
Three more three-sentence fics, from December 2013: here.
Six Narnia-related three-sentence fics, here
Three Tolkien-related three-sentence fics, here
Ten more three-sentence fics, in various fandoms, here
From early 2015:
p. 3 Britomart; p.5 antigone; Sherlock/dragon (2); p.7 fairy feller; Bertie Wooster; p.12 Mrs Hudson,Mrs Pearce, p.20 Kangaroos (2,both responses to Syrena) //
Narnia-related: Here and here and here and here ;
Tolkien-related: the last two of those Narnia ones,and here and here
arthurian: here
Wimsey: Regrettable decline in the standards of modern cricket
Doctor Who: Jamie, the Brigadier - Culloden
in various other fandoms: here and here and here
From late 2015: Lady Macbeth/Macbeth, young love
a scrap of Swallows and Amazons

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