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I used to write fiction when I was a teenager and a university student -- then I stopped, for various reasons, and wrote only for professional or academic purposes. Then last year, I started writing fanfiction on fanfiction.net -- a long story called 'Resistance', picking up the story of Caspian's Nurse. Later I came to Livejournal, and wrote things in the NFFR-party weekly challenges, and in the fiction exchange, and posted a few things on AO3 as well.
I came at first because of the fanfic, but I also really like the possibility of discussion of things read, or popular (or unpopular!) culture, or State of the World, or anything, really, so comments and interchange are very welcome.

I'm known as Heliopause on AO3 and fanfiction.net and on narniafanfiction.net.

I really like the idea of the collaborative nature of story-telling - so if anyone wants to use my stories for characters, or to mix, or remix, or podfic, or other transformative purpose, well, that's fine. A link back to my work would be good, and of course I'd like to have a link to the new work. :)

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